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Complete Oral Exam and Cancer Screening

Common Dental Risks for Seniors:

Dry mouth, dental decay, and broken teeth are common issues, often linked to medication use. Low saliva flow is a significant factor in dental decay. 

Plaque and bacteria can lead to gum disease and loose teeth by damaging supporting tissue and bone. Oral health is closely connected to overall well-being; addressing oral health issues early is crucial.

Ill-fitting dentures or improper care may cause mouth discomfort and yeast infections. Regular dental care can prevent these problems.

iSmile Mobile Dental Ottawa provides a detailed oral exam with electronic charting and photos, ensuring a record of your oral health.

A thorough examination of teeth and gums to monitor oral health, identifying visual signs of:

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Temporary Filling Placement

Teeth Cleaning and Polishing

Topical Anti-Bacterial and Anti-Cavity Treatments

Referrals to Mobile Dentist and Denturist

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